School Assembly Programs by Malik

Educational, Fundraising, and Recreational school shows

Available Program Topics

Malik has several engaging programs available to educate and entertain your students. With extensive experience in schools and libraries, and school teacher support, these shows are full of informative content while being engaging for your students.

Magic of Reading - Grades K-3 - Malik performs routines from his very successful library programs while teaching your students about various topics including: Benefits of the Library, Learning new skills through reading, proper care of books, and library resources. Students are encouraged to identify their favorite types of books and participate in reading and word based magic routines.

Buddies not Bullies - Grades 1-5 - Malik teaches your students about self esteem, equality, different types of bullying, advocacy, and prevention. Magic and juggling are used to demonstrate the principles taught and reinforce the message. 

The Responsibility Show - Middle School Students - This program was created out of direct feedback from middle school principals. The show covers the concepts behind good decision making, consequences of ones actions, and personal responsibility. Themes in the show include social media and online behaviors, dealing with peer pressure and accepting the consequences of one's actions.